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About Our Project

Science In Our Hands is an Erasmus+ Project (KA229) funded by the European Union with a view to make science appealing to our students with exciting hands-on experiments and activities. Five schools from five different European countries are participating in this project: Colegio Ruta de la Plata from Spain(coordinator) Jaunpiebalgas Vidusskola from Latvia, Merkez Ortaokulu from Turkey, Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.1 Hudesti from Romania and Szkola Podstawowa nr 9 im. Jana Pawla II from Poland.


Our other objectives are:

  • To enable the students to acquire necessary competencies such as innovation, problem-solving,critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, and ICT literacy etc


  • To present science as a real subject that can be applied to the daily lives of the learners.


  • To nurture individuals who are science-literate.


  • To ensure full participation of students in the learning process.


  • To enable students who possess the right skills to take up a scientific career in the future.


  • To develop the multicultural knowledge of the students and teachers as well as assist them to have tolerance for diverse lifestyles and cultures.


  • To inspire teachers and learners to enhance their language skills.


  • To influence the professional development of the teachers and assist them to go with the pace and trend in their sector.


On this website you will be able to follow all our activities, transnational meetings and actions resultant from our project. We are very enthusiastic and highly motivated to work hard over the following years. We believe that our project will have a great impact on our students, schools, staff and the communities we live in

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