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                    Jaunpiebalgas Vidusskola


Jaunpiebalga Secondary school, founded in 1946, is the only one school in Jaunpiebalga territory. Around 400 pupils, aged 2-19, study in our school and 52 teachers work here. The school is directed by the headteacher Arnis Ratiņš. Our school is a modern school. Jaunpiebalga Secondary school is divided in two separate buildings. One building is for kindergarten, pre-school and first four grades. The Second building is for grades 5-12. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and a laptop computers or whiteboards and computers. We have a large computer room, three foreign language classrooms, and a large and equipped gym.

Our school offers qualitative education due to educational programmes. There are implemented 6 educational programmes in Jaunpiebalga Secondary school: Pre-school educational programme, two programmes are for secondary education-General secondary education, Math, Science and technology programme. General basic education programme and also 2 different programmes for pupils with special needs. Social environment is full of contrasts. The most serious problem is unemployment. In every tenth family one or both parents work abroad. Grandparents, relatives or neighbours take care of children. Working abroad is also one of the reasons for families to divorce. Finances earned by parents abroad are mainly used for existential needs, but the most for pupil’s social and personal growth, motivation for higher goals are to be realized at school. Side by side live and study also children from well situated families and pupils from orphans’ houses. The main reason for participating in this project is our wish to continue find different ways how to increase our student’s motivation towards learning science subjects. With the help of this project our students also will improve their foreign language skills.

Jaunpiebalga secondary school has participated in Erasmus+ KA2 projects before and at the moment running new Erasmus+ KA2 project “4C”. We have seen how positive these projects influence our students and teachers. It lets to share ideas and gain new experiences. Our school offers different after lesson activities, but we would like to get new ideas and inspiration on diversification activities we offer, also exchange our experience with colleagues.

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