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Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9 im. Jana  Pawła II

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9 im. Jana Pawła II is a primary school founded in 1963. The school is thebiggest primary school in the province within 686 students and 80 teachers and it provides training and education to pupils aged 7-15 years. The education in primary school lasts eight years and the students are divided into classes. At our school students are taught Polish, Maths, History, Physics, Geography, Art, Music, Religious and Social Education, English, German, PE, Science, Biology and Chemistry.

Our school is located in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Greater Poland, a 70 000-inhabitants town in the middle of Poland. There are eleven primary schools in the province. There are many classes organized by teachers after lessons. The objectives of such classes are: developing students’interests and abilities, organizing alternative ways of spending their spare time and eliminating educational gaps. Everything in the universe can be studied under the field of science. Without science, there would be no computers, no internet, and no blogging, let alone all the other technologies we are so used to. It seems that Polish students don`t recognize that learning science could be useful in their future. They could get a better job, as all the rankings show that the best paid jobs are: software engineer, computer systems analyst, mathematician, speech pathologist, dietician, statistician, geologist and physicist. Scientific exams occur on all levels of Polish Educational system and the results are getting worse each year. Students need to acquire the knowledge in a more active way, so that they can learn hands-on, participating in new exciting investigations and experiments.
Next school year our students are going to start a new subject, which is career consultancy, they will be trained about various science-and-technology-based jobs of the future which will offer great

This project will give teachers the opportunity to participate in various workshops, observe science lessons, swap ideas on teaching content and learn new curricula methods. They will
also have a chance to analyze innovative teaching procedures, and therefore make their lessons more interesting and understood for their students.

The school had experienced one Commenius project but it was before 2015 and now it is taking part in one Erasmus
Plus project (2018-2020).

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