Scoala Gimnaziala

      Nr.1 Hudesti

Our school is a general secondary school situated in the north-eastern part of Romania, an area which compensates its lack of economical wealth with constant cultural growth. Hudesti is situated in an area with an increased unemployment rate near the Ukrainian border. We have students who come from different family types and backgrounds – single parent families, foster homes, children who are left with relatives and ensure equal chances to education for all of them. There around 760
students willing to be involved in such projects. Their families have a low income, mostly because our region is disadvantaged one, there is barely no industry in our town and most parents had to emigrate, leaving their children with the other parent or some relatives or neighbors. The staff of our school is highly motivated to help the community we live in, so we have students that get a social scholarship because their families cannot support them financially.


Our motivation to join this project is to make science more attractive. Due to curricula most classes are based on teaching and less on experiments. This is the first reason why stustudents don’t like the science lessons. We hope that after we implement this project more students will be attracted by science lesson


We have not run any projects before but we really think that there is a real need for professional and educational
improvement which can only be satisfied by attending these kinds of projects. Students will be involved all throughout the decision-taking steps, divided into groups, will run the part of the project addressed to them. The idea is to treat students as equal partners and to be silently guided by their teacher so that they can become more confident and learn new things without feeling the pressure implied by study and research.


As a partner of this project we will actively take part in all project mobilities and contribute fully to the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the project at all stages.