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Spaghetti Bridge

Designing, drawing and building structures with our own hands can be a fun way to learn how pillars, beams and bar structures really work. Groups of six multinational students will work together and will have to design a bridge which later they will have to build. Students will be given a weight limit and a minimum distance to overcome.
They will be allowed to use only paper, pencils,rules for designing and spaghetti and a Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun of silicone to build their bridges.They will learn to draw in a scale determinate inorder to adapt the design to the measurement given, they will also learn the differences between compression and traction stress in bars. Searchinginformation about different designs and sharing
results with other countries will be the basis of an open education and ICTs.
Finally we will make a load test of all of them having a winner of the most resistant.

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